About NREC

The Natural Resource Education Center at Moosehead (NREC) was incorporated as an educational  501(3)c in 1996.  Our mission is to provide resource-based programming to visitors and residents of the State of Maine that come to the Moosehead Lake Region to explore its’ woods and water   NREC has developed several programs designed for this mission, including the Maine Woods Explorer Program, the Fisheries Internship/Enhancement Program, All Ages programs, and the construction of the Moosehead Lake Region Visitors’ Center.

Our funding comes from member donations, fundraising events such as our annual auction and the Moosehead Lake Togue Derby, and rental income from office space at the Visitors’ Center.  NREC frequently seeks grants for special projects.

We have an all-volunteer Board of Directors that meets every third Wednesday at the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries Office at 12:00pm.

NREC is governed by a volunteer board of trustees who reflect the interests and industries of the area. Elected public officials, state employees, foresters, biologists, owners of recreational companies, local businesses, educators, writers, artists and outdoor enthusiasts are represented.

 Board of Directors 

Tim Obrey, President
Sarah Lavigne, Vice President
Suzannah Sinclair, Treasurer
Dawna Blackstone, Secretary
Mildred Kennedy-Stirling, MWE Director
Ed Jewett
Stephen Seeback
Patricia McLaughlin
Noel Wohlforth
Sally Tornquist
Janice Lavigne
Ray Ary
Jeff Pomerleau
Jaime Brown
Stacey Dunham
Natalie Stafford
Bob Frederick
Shannon Durose
Lisa Harris

 Ex Offico

Eric Ward
Elton A. Burky
Paul Johnson
Sharon Libby Jones
Duke McKeil
Ellen Poole
J. David Sinclair