Maine Woods Explorers Program

The 2023 Schedule for the Maine Woods Explorers Programs is here!

The camp is full! Have Fun!


Countless children have participated in NREC's Maine Woods Explorer program since its inception.  The goal of the program is to get kids outdoors, connect them to nature and foster a sense of place so that they will not only appreciate the natural resources around them, but also become good stewards of these special places in which we live. Programing starts in early July and end in late August. Programs are being organized and a calendar will be released early spring. The activities will develop wilderness skills through hiking and workshops. Popular offerings have included kayaking, fishing, leather working, traditional Maine crafts [ash baskets and rugs], wilderness safety, GPS use and bee keeping. Each day also folds in map and compass skills, birding, knots, and other fun outdoor skills. We look forward to sharing our love of the outdoors, developing fellowship through recreation, and encouraging curiosity and learning through connection with the outdoors.           

The program is coordinated with the Greenville Recreation program to ensure local children have activities throughout the school vacation.  The program is open to all students from  k-12.  We encourage children visiting the area in the summer to participate.  We now have Maine Woods Explorers all across the country. There is a small fee for activities but NREC has some discretionary funding available to assist students as needed.      

We also coordinate a day-long dogsledding adventure during February school vacation.  This is one of our most popular events and it gives the kids a chance to learn how to groom, feed, and care for the hardworking and loveable dogs that guide them through the woods.

We appreciate pre-registering for classes since size is limited for some events.  Email: NREC at or message us on Facebook for more info.


Maine Woods Explorer